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Happy Finish partnered with Marks & Spencer PLC to create Mira, the company’s first-ever virtual influencer. The development of this cutting-edge digital character involved extensive collaboration between Happy Finish and M&S, with Happy Finish taking the lead in developing the virtual influencer’s character and producing all of the content assets.

The Mira project included the creation of a wide range of content assets, including images containing 30 stationary “looks” for use in social media posts between September 2022 and March 2023. Happy Finish leveraged their in-house CG asset pipeline, which consists of scanned and rendered fabric, textures, and materials, to ensure that the virtual influencer’s clothing looked photo-realistic. This pipeline was also used for other M&S digital touchpoints, providing a seamless and consistent visual experience for customers across all channels.

The virtual influencer trend has gained popularity in recent years, as brands look for new and innovative ways to connect with consumers. By partnering with Happy Finish, Marks & Spencer was able to tap into the studio’s expertise in digital content production and create a unique and engaging virtual influencer that can help the brand reach a wider audience. With Mira, Marks & Spencer is setting a new standard for virtual influencers in the fashion industry and demonstrating their commitment to innovation and creativity.

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