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The Changing Room




Working to the theme of ‘The future of Fashion and retail’ the H&M Group approached us to create a highly visual and memorable experience for visitors to their booth at the Web Summit Conference in Lisbon and show the Group as forward-thinking.

In response, we created ‘The Changing Room’, an instillation which used real time captured data from visitors (motion & facial data, emotion tracking) to deliver a dynamic, immersive experience that invited them to be part of an ever changing unique digital art installation; delivering a sensory experience that encouraged visitors to contemplate the concept of change. 


To make this experience possible, HF leveraged state of art computer vision technology (face data and optical flow motion body tracking) to deliver an always-on generative experience that changed and evolved throughout the day, based on how each user acts when engaging. 

Each day the experience tied into one of H&M Groups themes of Change, Reflection, Sustainability and Future, reflected in the visual aesthetic which adapted and evolved to give visitors a sense of change throughout the day, and event. 

We used a variation of the 2D visual aesthetic for each day i.e. particles, lines, circles etc, while still ensuring it followed a cohesive visual style to give a sense that the installation was adapting and changing throughout the event based on visitor interaction. 

During the early creative phase we explore the various data inputs and tweak parameters to ensure the right balance was achieved for how the visual aesthetic changed across the four days – ensuring visitors had a unique experience each time, while still having a defined start and end point to their session. 


The Changing Room – an always-on, physical, interactive and immersive art experience, powered in real time by your emotional and physical data.


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