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GT40 MR Experience



Using the Mixed Reality Toolkit and Leveraging Unreal Engine, Happy Finish Delivered A Benchmark Hololens 2 Experience.

As a go to Mixed Reality partner, Microsoft once again engaged us to conceive, build and deploy this experience with a goal to show the potential of utiliising their Mixed Reality Toolkit and the quality that can be achieved utilising Unreal Engine.
The end result demonstrates the power of the Hololens to deliver beautiful, engaging and educational content.


Contains 3 distinct segments:

The beauty module brings effectively a mixed reality GT40 configurator. The GT40 is displayed on a virtual pedestal. Users can apply different wheel options, choose from color schemes,  open and close the doors and trunk.

Throughout the beauty experience, the user can pick up the car and freely manipulate for a closer look.

The performance segment showcases the GT40’s speed and durability under the range of conditions that could be expected during the 24 Hours of the Le Mans famous race.

A high fidelity animation of the vehicle shows the car in motion on a virtual road, the user can interact to manipulate speed, toggle between day and night views and select weather conditions, providing a fresh perspective of what the GT40 drivers experience during the race.

The engineering segment showcases a key innovation that helped Ford win the iconic race: the ability to change brake rotors and pads in less than a minute, (as compared to the 20-30 minutes needed by all the other teams).

Users interact through intuitive hand tracking gestures to manipulate the wheel and brake mechanism to remove the worn brake rotors and pads, replacing them with new ones. A timer displays the elapsed time, enabling the user to see if they can complete the process as rapidly as the Ford 1966 pit crew.


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