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The multi-sensory motion platform-based real-time Experience created by Happy Finish is a truly immersive and interactive way for users to engage with the Land Rover Defender. Combining cutting-edge technology like virtual reality, interactivity, and 4D effects with the power of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, Happy Finish was able to create an exciting and realistic experience for users.

In this experience, users take on the role of a paparazzi on a helicopter skid, following the Land Rover Defender as it navigates a variety of challenging and beautiful environments. The goal of the experience is to capture the best shots possible of the Defender in action, with users being rewarded for their skills with a higher score.

To accomplish this, we used a variety of tools and techniques to create the most realistic and high-quality assets and environments possible. The Unreal Engine 4 provided a powerful platform for the team to build upon, allowing them to create a world that feels incredibly real and engaging.

In addition to the virtual reality aspect of the experience, Happy Finish also incorporated 4D effects, which add an extra layer of immersion for users. These effects can include things like motion, wind, etc, which help to make the experience feel even more realistic and engaging.

Overall, the multisensory motion platform-based real-time experience created by Happy Finish is a groundbreaking way to showcase the Land Rover Defender in a highly engaging and interactive way. It highlights the power of modern technology to create realistic and immersive experiences, and demonstrates the potential of virtual reality and other cutting-edge tools to transform the way we interact with brands and products.


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