Happy Finish x Foundry – Audience of the Future

We’re pleased to share that we have been awarded Innovate UK’s ‘Audience of The Future’ Grant, partnering with Foundry to deliver something truly innovative.

We were approached by Foundry to partner with them for Innovate UK’s ‘Audience of The Future’ grant programme.  Innovate UK is a UK Government body that offers several grant programmes to support innovation in business.  ‘Audience of The Future’, a specific grant program that centres on supporting immersive technology innovation and storytelling, has awarded a grant to Foundry to focus on Production Innovation in Immersive Content.  

The project will investigate how we can use technology creatively to produce better immersive experiences.  Foundry’s technological knowledge and our highly regarded position in the immersive technology space will unite with the aim to revolutionise the way that immersive experiences are produced.  

Abi Bowman, Head of Projects, Foundry comments: “We are delighted to partner with Happy Finish for this funded project that will progress live-action immersive content. We want to enable creative artists to easily manipulate volumetric data while enabling them to use a familiar tool to them – Nuke.”

As long term collaborators and users of Foundry’s technology and software, Happy Finish is thrilled to be creative partner with Foundry for this exciting project.  Daniel Cheetham, Global CEO of Happy Finish speaks of the project, “Combining the Foundry’s technological expertise with our extensive content creation experience puts this project at the forefront of research into the future of creating immersive experiences.

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