NIKE | La Roja Training Kit Redress




La Roja (The Red Ones)

Happy Finish were very proud to work with Nike on the training kit redress ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 final in August.

But who was going to win, England or Spain? Working closely with Nike, Happy Finish worked on the kit images for both team in parallel ready for the final outcome.

Redressing techniques take an existing image and repurpose it virtually for a new kit without the requirement for photography. This can be done for almost any image; not just the press-release photo; it could be a shot of the player in action on the pitch – ready for the final result.

While photoshoots might be the traditional approach, digital techniques such as game engine-powered fabric simulation workflows offer a wider scope and a higher return on investment especially when it comes to time and budget. This is the ability to create photorealistic images of fabric and apparel that are created entirely digitally and without photographic capture.

In each case, Happy Finish will work with the client to select the technique that best fits the campaign requirements.

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