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Introducing Tag the Game… only available in real life.

While video games grow more realistic and exciting by the hour, data reveals classic outdoor games are on the verge of extinction. That’s why Persil released the first-ever gaming trailer for a real-life game – the iconic tag. Motivating young gamers to go back outside and play it in real life, as part of the brand’s Dirt Is Good platform.

Working with LOLA and Epic Games we brought the latest from Persil, Dirt Is Good campaign to life. ‘Tag the Game’ was an elaborate ​​ hoax campaign, designed to harness the power of the gaming community, to get kids excited about the outdoors, and create a greater balance between playing in the real world and virtual worlds.

Launched on ITV, we created a hyper realistic trailer within the Unreal game engine, utilising metahumans to bring the characters to life and showcasing the forefront of what is possible.


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