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Happy Finish partnered with Google to create a virtual reality Experience to bring to life Dr. Robert Kegan’s Theory of Adult Development.

Robert Kegans’s theory shows the 5 distinct developmental stages that adults go through, which results in developing an independent sense of self and gaining traits associated with wisdom and social maturity. 

Our experience helped to address two key objectives:

  • Defined new ways of educating staff using innovative technology 
  • Created immersive and engaging content to build a memorable experience for all users and leave a lasting impression 


We delivered an immersive narrative led VR experience based around Identity Stands, containing 3 distinct layers, which users could navigate through:

  1. Identity Stands 
  2. Reflection
  3. Teaching

A menu system in VR allowed users to access the different layers, through instruction from a teacher. As well as recorded VO, there was also additional visual effects such as subtitles to help focus the teaching on keywords.  

Happy Finish leveraged AR techniques to integrate filmed human characters into custom built 3D environments. Each character represented their own Identity Stand with some subtle body language and animation to ensure they felt as real as possible and firmly routed in the environments.


 A compelling, informative and educational VR experience that launched at a training workshop the Top 350 Google Leaders Globally in 2020.


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