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Like most of us you are now probably working remotely.  That doesn’t mean that everything has to grind to a complete halt.

OK, so photography shoots get cancelled and physical productions get put on hold but here are a few things you can do to keep the wheels turning and customers energized. We can do what we do best, re-invent and create.

Consider up-cycling campaign footage from past seasons

Whilst shoots worldwide are on pause, consider up-cycling content from past seasons in combination stock imagery and product swap creative retouching techniques. New products can be swapped in using a range of compositing techniques to seamlessly integrate apparel, footwear, vehicles, FMCG, electronics, and accessories whilst a new color grade or stock sky can change weather, seasons and tone. 

Product samples delayed too? No problem, our global team of creative retouchers and 3D artists are fully equipped with over a decade of direct experience helping brands seamlessly visualize new products with limited reference material to hand. 

CGI as an alternative to photography 

Whilst photography shoots can’t go ahead, using CGI as an alternative production tool can prove very useful.  Our team of CGI artists are fully equipped to create assets and environments to accompany campaigns that are currently in production and are well versed in the combination of photography, stock imagery, and CGI.  CGI production is cost-effective, time-efficient and there is the flexibility to repurpose assets (animation/future executions) and can be utilised across a wide range of industries.

DIT EdTech f1

Repurpose assets you already have

Why not create fresh campaigns from existing assets.  Animated stills are an effective way to use stills assets that you already have and repurpose them for social media or other digital platforms.  The beauty of animating stills is that the production value is already very high (the post-production work has already been completed and the look dev signed off).  Parallax animations and cinemagraphs are all about adding to the still image without compromising the look and feel of the campaign. Whilst also being a cost effective production tool, we can also create these assets without having to shoot additional assets, so it provides a safe alternative to motion production whilst we see through these challenging times.    

Molton Brown Cinemagraph

VR experience or AR experience?

If you had planned a virtual reality (VR) experience that you now are no longer able to activate, a perfect alternative would be to create an augmented reality (AR) experience.  AR is a tool that almost everyone can access via their mobile device and is an effective and engaging way to connect your audience and make them feel part of something. Whilst people’s free movement is currently limited, we can still create experiences that get customers to interact at home – with AR we can immerse ourselves in interactive documentaries, live music, and group entertainment. We can educate our children, perform together in our living rooms or even get transported anywhere through portals and retreat to a faraway paradise. 

As with animated stills, AR experiences can utilise assets that you may already have. We can then repurpose them to work within an AR environment.  Our CGI team can also create brand new assets should your experience need building from the ground up.  

We’re here to help get you through, so get in touch with any questions you may have about your current productions or future planned ones.  

Stay safe and well, let’s adapt and create new realities together!

Team HF.   

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